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  • These 5 firms have entrenched, well-established SEO performance, and building Organic Search Traffic against them will be challenging.
  • Paid Search is under-utilized. None of these competitors appear to be utilizing paid search, at least for marketing activities. This represents a potential opportunity.
  • There are opportunities in Social Channels. While most of these firms are dedicating resources to social activities, none are driving significant traffic, which might represent an opportunity to build engagement

Learn how these industry-leading Engineering & Construction Services Companies use digital strategies to attract prospects and meet business goals.

These 5 companies represent the leaders of the engineering services sector, and had the highest worldwide website traffic figures. While these specific companies might not be direct competitors in your market or sector, as you review their results and performance, you view them through the lens of what you can learn from them as ‘best practices’, and consider their results proportionally and relatively to your size and scope.

What’s in the report?

This is our Competitive Digital Audit Report for 5 leading Engineering Services Companies for the 6-month period ending September 2018. Digital audits look at the various elements that make up an organization’s online presence, and evaluates them relative to a standardized set of criteria.

In this report, we do more than just look at the elements in terms of numbers and results. We also provide guidance and insight into the performance, implications and outcomes of those numbers and results. You will find that guidance and insight throughout the report as well.

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Sample Traffic Estimates for the Engineering Industry


Traffic Estimates

Who’s winning the battle for site traffic?

Not surprisingly, these 5 companies have very strong, well-balanced traffic patterns, with remarkably little variation in performance, channels, or geographic sources.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • While AECOM is clearly driving the most traffic, Jacobs is driving the most “Direct” traffic, which usually means they enjoy very strong brand awareness and Top Of Mind amongst this audience.
  • While all 5 of these competitors have extremely good SEO performance, none of them seem to be generating significant traffic from Paid Search or Social Channels.
  • All competitors are deriving most of their traffic from the United States, Canada & the UK, except for HDR, for whom China and Eastern Europe follow their US traffic.
Sample Organic Search Results for the Engineering Industry

Organic Search Performance

Review SEO results and learn how prospective customers are finding these 5 firms.

This is a very crowded, competitive field, and all 5 of these firms have very strong SEO performance.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • All these firms have large, well-established backlink networks, to high-quality referral sites.
  • The majority of search traffic is for Branded keywords, meaning users are specifically looking for these firms and their services.
  • These sites rank well, with a high number of 1st page positions, for a very deep inventory of keywords.
  • All this means that it would be very challenging to try to out-compete these firms for organic search traffic, so it might be more economical and advantageous to try other methods of driving traffic.

Paid Search Performance

Uncover your competitors’ SEM strategies to learn how they are buying search traffic.

These competitors are not investing in Paid Search, and this might represent a better channel to build traffic and convert high-value prospects.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • Only 2 of these companies engaged in any paid adwords at all during this period
  • Even then, the campaigns were primarily focused on recruitment, not marketing.
  • Marketing related keywords are relatively low, compared to other industries and the potential value of the contacts.
  • Paid Search might be a very attractive alternative to organic SEO, for competing firms looking to build traffic and attract prospects.
Sample Social Engagement for the Engineering Industry

Social Performance

Reveal competitive social activity to learn how they are building audience and engagement.

All 5 of these competitors are dedicating resources to a strong social presence, but none appear to be a runaway success story.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • All these firms have large, well-established social profiles, and are participating in most channels.
  • Activity levels are not as active as many consumer-oriented brands, and none are driving significant traffic from social channels.
  • Amongst these competitors, Stantec appears to be having the most success and activity.
  • Social channels might represent an opportunity for competitors to build awareness and engagement.
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