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Our simple process and customizable suite of audits will deliver the right competitive intelligence for your organization.

Smart competitive insights, made simple and affordable.

Competitive analysis doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. We simplify the process by packaging our analysis into manageable, engaging reports that provide you with logical criteria, clear data, insightful observations, and actionable recommendations.

Traffic Estimates

See how you measure up against your competitors’ site traffic and performance metrics.

Track your competitors’ web traffic and performance across a wide range of metrics;

  • Number of Visitors and Visits
  • Geographic breakdowns
  • Desktop vs Mobile traffic
  • Historical trends
  • Performance & Engagement Metrics; Bounce rates, Pages per Visit, Duration
  • Breakdown by Traffic Sources from Direct, Organic Search, Paid Search, Social and other sources

Gain insights into your competitors’ Strategies, Tactics, Strengths & Vulnerabilities;

  • Where is their traffic coming from?
  • How engaged are their visitors?
  • Are they growing their customer base?
  • Where are they spending their time, budget & resources?
  • Are they underperforming in specific areas?
View your competitors’ key traffic estimates at a glance.
View historical trends and see who is gaining momentum.
Compare how your competitors are engaging with their prospects and customers.
See where their traffic is coming from, and gain insights into their strategies, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Organic Search Results 

Learn how prospective customers are finding your competitors, and how to get them to find you.

Take a detailed look at competitors’ SEO performance, and learn how they drive search traffic;

  • Keyword analysis; top keywords, depth, positions & performance
  • Keyword strategies; branded vs non-branded, local & mobile search, premium vs long-tail
  • Backlink & Domain scores; how they are achieving those results
  • Competitive positioning; the value of their search terms & traffic

Cut through the clutter to learn SEO tactics to catch – or stay ahead of – your competition; 

  • What keywords do customers use to NOT find you – and arrive at your competitors instead?
  • What are your competitors’ strategies, and what would it take to out-perform them? 
  • How did they achieve those results?
  • What is search traffic looking for, and what pages do they visit?
  • Are there opportunities and vulnerabilities to leverage?
Compare competitive performance across the most important organic search metrics.
Learn HOW competitors are achieving those results.
Explore the keywords that are driving traffic to their site.
Review competitive strategies and performance at a glance.

Social Performance 

Reveal competitive social activity to learn how they are building audience and engagement.

Review consolidated activity across all your competitors’ social channels;

  • Total number of followers, broken down by channel
  • Posting activity, with historical trends
  • Engagement results, across different channels
  • Top performing posts
  • Examples of in-market Facebook ads

Understand competitors’ social strategies and uncover opportunities to build engagement with your audience. 

  • Are social channels a priority for competitors? 
  • What kind of content is working to connect with customers and share their message? 
  • Are they investing in paid social ads?
  • Is this an opportunity for you to decrease costs and increase performance, relative to other ad media? 
Learn how competitors stack up in reach and total audience across social channels.
How active are your competitors, and where are they focussing their attention?
See how well your competitors are cutting through the clutter and engaging with Facebook fans.
Review their best performing posts, and learn how they are building engagement.

3R’s: Ratings, Reviews & Reputation

Customer service is the new marketing. See how you measure up against your competitors’ in your customers’ mind.

Customers discuss and interact with your brand in a number of different channels. We consolidate these touchpoints into a single report;

  • Ratings summaries across key platforms, relevant to your industry;
    Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, GlassDoor, etc.
  • Average rating, number of ratings, vulnerability scores
  • Summaries of typical reviews,
  • Responses; channels monitored, response time, quality of responses

Uncover competitive Vulnerabilities and learn the Customers’ Perspective on your industry. 

  • How vulnerable are you, or your competitors, to a few bad ratings?
  • Are their missed opportunities to improve search or build your audience? 
  • Are competitors responding to comments, or are they ignoring their customers?
  • Is there an opportunity to better engage customers, and leverage your fans to become advocates?
View your competitors’ key traffic estimates at a glance.
View historical trends and see who is gaining momentum.
Compare how your competitors are engaging with their prospects and customers.
See where their traffic is coming from, and gain insights into their strategies, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Our Reports tell you “What” your competitors are up to.
Our Insights tell you “So What…”
and our Recommendations tell you “Now What…”

Here are just a few of the insights and recommendations that we have provided to our clients:

“Employ "Cause Bundling" in your messaging to expand your audience and extend your reach. ”

Leading International Charity

“Utilize Google Shopping ads for big-ticket higher-margin items. ”

Sporting Goods Manufacturer

“We have identified a new competitor, with a productized service offering, that was not on your radar.”

Professional Services Company

“This group of keywords seems to drive price-sensitive shoppers, while this other group is attracting premium shoppers.”

Travel Services Company

“Competitor B seems to be ignoring a customer service issue that is developing on their Facebook channel. ”

Consumer Packaged Goods company

“It will be very difficult to catch your lead competitors in organic search, and very expensive to match them in paid search. But none of your competitors are utilizing social ads, and your average cost per acquisition could be much lower than search. ”

eCommerce company